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Extreme Green Video Of The Week – Downhill Mountain Biking

March 27th, 2011

Vintage Classic Commercials

March 13th, 2011

Where’s the Beef

1978 Green Machine Commercial

Vintage commercials rock em sock em robots

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“Skip It” Toy Commercial

Classic Connect Four Commercial

Life Call Commercial “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Nerf Turbo Football

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Life cereal: Mikey likes it!

My bologna has a first name

Big Wheel by Marx Commercial

Turn Your House Into a Green One!

March 13th, 2011

Eco-friendly gadgets and devices are gaining much popularity nowadays, as people tend to be more concerned about the harmful effects of their cars or household equipments on the environment. And I’m sure you’ve heard about green car engines, eco-friendly cleaners, stoves and bags. But is it possible to turn your entire house into a green one? Obviously, I’m not talking about painting its walls, but finding and installing some devices and equipments that will help you reduce the air and water pollution or to decrease the electricity consumption and loss?

The answer is yes! You can do this for your home and for the environment, but you have to be ready for a major investment! Here’s what you can do:

  • Replace your old metallic roof with a solar powered one! This can be done by purchasing and installing some solar powered shingles, which look pretty similar to regular roofing materials but are energy efficient. Their role is to capture sunlight and to turn it into electricity, so not only you’ll protect your house from harmful UV rays but you’ll also reduce the amount of energy you’re receiving from the national grid. The solar powered roof will produce just as much electricity as your house needs and in case you’re not using the entire quantity, the excess will be stored in a built-in battery. This way you’ll be able to produce your own energy even during nighttime, therefore nothing will be wasted!
  • Another green piece of equipment for your house is the solar powered air conditioning for hot summer days. Unlike regular ones, this device is totally environmentally friendly, as it involves no harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere. You’ll be able to keep your rooms cool even during the hottest days without spending anything on electricity bills!
  • If you like the previous idea, you’ll surely be charmed by the solar curtains! Yes, they look like regular curtains, only that they are made from a reflective, shiny material that allows them to capture sunlight and heat the air inside the room where they’re mounted. These solar powered curtains are able to keep the house warm during wintertime as well, by simply turning them with the shiny face inside the room. If you don’t like the skinny look, you can simply add a regular curtain and place the solar ones between the normal one and the window. They’ll do their job without polluting the air, without wasting electricity, without harming the environment!

Of course there are lots of other accessories and devices powered by sun rays or wind, and they are great because they reduce the pollution, they can help you decrease your electricity bills and they’re also very nice looking! So if you’re ready to turn your house into a green one, don’t waste any more time and start your research – you’ll surely find some items to suit your home’s decor and energetic requirements!