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MERS Update: Situation Still Not Good

May 19th, 2014

MERS Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Deadly Virus
The situation for MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in the USA is still not good and getting worse. Unfortunately, two more cases of the deadly virus have been found within the United States. We reported on the first case of MERS here. The good news is that the first person who contracted the virus is no longer sick.

The second case turned up in Florida on May 8th. It is unrelated to the first case and currently being investigated by the CDC (Center For Disease Control). Though, the person who contracted the disease is a healthcare worker and recently returned from an overseas trip.

The third case was found in Illinois. This one is related to the first case of MERS as both men were business associates and had extended contact. What makes the third case more worrisome is that the MERS virus was transmitted on U.S. soil. This is the first known case of MERS to have been transmitted on U.S. soil. Currently, the latest victim has shown only slight signs of sickness and is being closely monitored.