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The Beast Off Road Electric Scooter

April 18th, 2012

The Beast Off Road Electric Scooter.

The thing I love most about electric scooters is that they can be ridden on the road, on side walks and in this case off-roading. That makes an enormousness difference in urban areas where parking is tight and roads are often packed. Forget driving around parking garages for hours or scouting city streets for that ever so evasive parking spot. Drivers of electric scooters could pull up to a bicycle rack and be on their way.

This particular electric scooter is called The Beast and comes with a solar powered battery pack chargeable via sunlight or a trickle charger. So when you stop at the caffe for your morning coffee the Beast’s battery will be charging. It has a top speed of 20 miles per hours, comes with shock absorbers and a headlight. It also has pedals and weighs in at about 165lbs. This versatile electric scooter is the perfect curb-hopping off-roading environmentally friendly urban-mobile. For more information on this scooter please visit the Official Website of The Beast Off Road electric scooter.

Beast Off Road Electric Scooter

Beast Off Road Electric Scooter

Why Use Green Energy? Find Out Here!

April 24th, 2011

Green Tea Energy Solar Panels

Every day Green energy is becoming increasingly more popular day by day as it provides thousands of benefits. It is a wide ranging, sustainable, and reliable energy source that requires little or no maintenance and is beneficial in the long term. The use of green energy is a particularly trustworthy way to save on monthly electric bills. It utilizes sunlight to produce electricity and is renewable. Solar energy is a form of green energy. Moreover solar energy is beneficial for our health as it does not release harmful pollutants into the air nor does it pollute the environment.

The following will show some of the most effective benefits of this renewable energy. This way you will be able to easily understand the importance green energy.

1. Green or solar energy is energy in a sustainable form. Solar photovoltaic cells use sunlight to generate electricity and constantly provide a sustainable energy source for long-term daily usage.

2. Solar energy panels require little maintenance and are energy efficient. After a solar panel is installed, it generally does not require fuel or lubricant to continue working. Solar electric system have no recurring cost and offers maximum.

3. Solar energy does not contribute to global warming as it is a natural form of energy. Because they don’t run on fuels, solar panels do not put out any greenhouse gases, carcinogens, carbon dioxide or other poisonous gases in the environment.

4. One of the most important advantages to green energy is that it does not cause any negative effects to human health. Since, it is environmentally-friendly and promotes a clean environment for every one of us, the risks of respiratory diseases, cardiac dangers and eyesight impairment are also reduced.

5. Solar photovoltaic cells are quite. They produce energy silently without making any noise. This is another big advantage of green energy

6. Solar panel installation can be expensive unless you install the panels yourself. And with new technology, the self installation of solar panels is becoming more and more popular. Plus once they are installed, they will generate an infinite amount of energy. As a result you will definitely save you money over the long run.

7. Reliability is a major benefit of green energy. You will not have to worry about replacing parts of a solar electric system.

8. Solar panels are self-efficient and produce limitless amounts of energy.